After Hair Transplantation

Sapphire FUE Technique

After hair transplantation


What to expect?

לאחר ההשתלה- למה לצפות ?

First night: After the hair transplant, your donation areas will be bandaged, you may feel pressure and swelling, this condition is recommended to be resolved using a painkiller.

Also, you may bleed from the donation area and the transplant area, this is a normal and normal condition – there is no fear and no need to panic.

The day after the hair transplant, a band is applied to the donor area and the forehead area to prevent swelling of the face. In the transplanted area small scabs will appear and on the donor area there will be small red spots that will heal after 15 days.

There is a possibility that you will feel swelling, burning or slight pain for several days after the hair transplant.

These side effects can be relieved or reduced by using ice compresses, moisturizing lotions or medications to relieve the side effects that will be recommended by your doctor.


In the first days after the transplant there may be swelling in the face and especially around the eyes. If this happens ice should be placed on the swollen area. There is no need to use any medicine as the swelling will go away in up to five days.


Itching is a sign of recovery and it is a normal feeling for the period after the transplant. Itching is strictly forbidden to scratch or touch the itchy areas.

Burning sensation:

A normal burning sensation is also present after the transplant and especially in the donation areas. To relieve the burning sensation, you can gently and, according to the explanation, apply the moisturizing lotion you received after the transplant.

After 1 day

We will give you a hair wash after the transplant and a cold laser treatment in our clinic.

After day 1

After 3 day

On the third day after the transplant you should start the post-transplant hair washing procedure,
We will recommend you shampoo and lotion and explain how to wash your hair with them for the next 15 days
Rinsing will help you remove the sizes and speed up the healing process.

After day 3

After 5-7 days

After 5-7 days

The implanted follicles will become stronger and they will not fall out after touching *but still you should keep avoid scratching your hair.*
4-5 days after the transplant, the hair in the transplanted area will begin to fall out for several months
*And then, the permanent hair as well as the new hair will start to grow.*

After 15-30 days

After 15-30 days
Your appearance will improve after 2-3 weeks from the day of the transplant, people will not notice that you have undergone a transplant.

After 1-3 months

After 1-3 months

Between 1-3 months after the transplant the hair undergoes a process of hair loss as a result of trauma that went through during the transplant and then, the hair will start to regrow.

After 4-6 months

After 4-6 months

During the fourth month the growth rate of the hair will increase and by the time of the sixth month after the transplant, it will be possible to see 50% of the final result of the transplant and a change in appearance will be noticeable.

After 6-12 months

After 6-12 months

The transplanted hair will continue to grow and become stronger over time.

After 12-20 months

After 12-20 months

Between 12-20 months, you can see the end result of the transplant process you went through.
A much more intense hair look will be given.
The end result of the transplanted hair will appear between 12-15 months after transplantation in the anterior region of the head and between 18-20 months in the crown area of ​​the head.

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