Beard transplant

Sapphire FUE Technique
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Beard transplant / Mustache transplant / Facial hair transplant

Beard and mustache transplantation is a procedure performed for men who experience beard and mustache hair loss or who are unable to grow a full beard. Like head hair, the beard or mustache also play a major role in a man’s facial appearance. Beard transplant and mustache transplant are a natural choice and an effective solution in case there is thinning or hair loss in the beard or mustache and for men who are interested in a more intense look and permanent appearance of a beard or mustache. You can get an intense and full facial hair look with the help of a beard or mustache transplant.

השתלת זקן/ שפם בשיטת DHI

Mustache and beard transplant using the DHI method

Like hair transplantation, the transplantation method is the same in terms of donation areas and transplantation technique where for facial hair the transplantation will be done using DHI only. The operations in facial hair transplantation are performed under local anesthesia, and just like in hair transplantation, do not experience strong pain And there will be no scars or stitches after the transplant.

Stages in beard transplantation


The procedure begins with a doctor’s examination as with all types of transplants. Two principles are taken into account at the time of diagnosis: The need for a healthy donation area Number of follicles that can be extracted from the donation area


The direction of growth of beard hair is taken into account during the transplant for a successful natural result in appearance. In the first stage, the hair follicles will be extracted from the area between the two ears and above the nape of the neck. In the second stage, the follicles will be transplanted one by one using the DHI method under his professional principles of Dr. Serkan Aygin.

Rinse and laser

The day after the transplant, the patient will come to the clinic for laser cleaning and treatment. Afterwards, a comprehensive explanation will be given of the recovery days and the manner of treatment at home for the transplanted area and, of course, for the donor area as well.


After about a week, the transplanted area will begin to gain a natural appearance. The healing of the donor area is also fast, and in about 15 days you will get the look you had before the transplant. Post-transplant guidelines will be identical to the DHI hair transplant procedure in other areas. After half a year, patients see most of the end result, and within 12-18 months you can see intense and natural facial hair.

Who is suitable for a beard transplant?

Patients who want a natural, fuller and more intense beard or mustache look. Patients suffering from scarred beard or loss of beard hair.

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