Before Hair Transplantation

Sapphire FUE Technique

Before hair transplantation

Medical history

Before hair transplantation you should inform us about any health problem you have as well as about medications you use or take regularly. If you have a health condition, you should consult your doctor about the fact that you are planning to undergo a hair transplant that will be performed under sedation.

הנחיות לפני השתלת שיער-תרופות


After your treating doctor approves of a hair transplant, you should stop using aspirin or any other blood thinner three days before the transplant. It is important to remember that you should only stop using blood-thinning medications and not other medications.

הנחיות לפני השתלת שיער-יום לפני ההשתלה

The day before the transplant:

Drinking alcohol is prohibited. Alcohol may lower the effectiveness of local anesthesia. Avoid smoking. Cigarettes disrupt blood flow to the scalp. Important to know: All smoking will be banned even a week after the transplant as blood flow may be disrupted which will make it difficult for the transplanted follicles to grow healthily.

הנחיות לפני השתלת שיער-יום ההשתלה

The Transplant Day What you should wear?

You must wear a buttoned shirt or a shirt with a zipper. Contact with the follicles after transplantation is absolutely prohibited and for this reason you should undress and dress in a way that does not touch the transplant area. The transplant lasts between 5-7 hours depending on your transplant plan. For this reason you should *get dressed and undressed  in a way that does* not touch the transplant area.

הנחיות לפני השתלת שיער-כיצד להתכונן להליך השתלת השיער?

How to prepare for a transplant?

Hygiene – you need to take a shower and arrive clean for the transplant Food – You must arrive to the transplant after you ate well and you are full, a light breakfast is recommended and not a heavy meal or fried food. Rest – Do not arrive the transplant exhausted. You have to rest well before. *Do not arrive exhausted or tired to the transplant. You must rest well before.*

הנחיות לפני השתלת שיער-במהלך השתלת השיער

During hair transplantation

Companions will not be allowed to enter the operating rooms with you. They could wait in the waiting area or to travel the city. It is not allowed to speak on the phone or bring personal items inside the operation room. You cannot chew any gums or eat during the operation.

הנחיות לפני השתלת שיער

Before and After Photos

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