DHI hair transplantation

Hair Transplantation
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DHI hair transplantation

DHI hair transplant with Choi implant pen

Some define it as the newest method of hair transplantation,
Others claim it’s just a marketing gimmick,
While few also believe that the method is actually FUE with ” implant pen “.
The debate widens as the two methods in their simplest form are revealed; The same way to pull out the implants combined with performing different implant procedures.
However, our goal is to remain objective and provide the relevant information for a brief and clear understanding of how the procedure works.

Unlike the FUE method, during the DHI implantation method, canal formation and follicle transplantation are performed in parallel, assimilating the hair follicles extracted directly into the reception areas without the need to create canal incisions in the donor area.
Using an implant pen called a choi that includes a hollow needle attached to the fixture (pen) and a very thin and sharp tip.
The hollow needle is shaped like a channel that allows the hair follicles to be placed inside it while the needle moves over the hairs.
This is why the DHI process is also called the Choi method.

Hair transplantation reduces pain

Hair transplantation reduces pain

Thanks to the use of intravenous anesthesia given under the supervision of an anesthesiologist, the pain level of local anesthesia is significantly reduced.
As a result, your hair transplant will be comfortable and painless.
Along with the fact that hair transplantation is a painless procedure, the “sedation” will also help those who have been prevented from “trypanophobia” (needle anxiety) because the sedation is generally soothing.
Thanks to the sedation, the hair transplant, which was a simple medical procedure with minimal pain, became a painless medical procedure.

What is sedation?

The sedation varies from person to person according to his needs and body. The chemical action of the blur on the body will affect in a way that will calm down and even sleep.

Do I have to get a sedation?

Sedation is an effective and safe procedure even for toddlers. As mentioned earlier, the sedation will give the patient a more comfortable hair transplant and reduced pain.
It is important to remember that despite the fact that the use of anesthesia is on the recommendation of the doctor, in some cases a transplant without anesthesia will be possible.

The DHI implantation process

The DHI implantation process

  1. During the DHI hair transplant with the “Choi” implant pen, the transplant team transfers the extracted follicles to the implant pen. The hair follicle is gently inserted into the hollow needle, which is placed at the end of the implant pen, and returned by the medical staff to the required location.
  2. The needle is then inserted at an exact angle of 40-45 degrees into the scalp by the staff, when the incision area is made and then the follicle is implanted by pressing the plunger.
  3. During the transplant, the medical staff will adjust the type of implant pen to the diameter of the follicle to perform the transplant on the best side. Adjust to the required amount of follicles.

The Choi method naturally has advantages as well as disadvantages over the FUE technique.

The advantages of the DHI technique

A much shorter time of hair follicles remaining outside the body and thus, ensuring a healthier and stronger adaptation of the follicles in the transplanted area.

  • High survival rates of hair follicles.
  • Reduced bleeding during the creation of the donated area.
    Reducing the trauma during the treatment of the implant, thus causing less damage to the blood supply to the transplanted area.
  • Rapid recovery In the post-transplant phase, the patient can return more quickly to his normal routine.
  • It is not necessary to shave the transplanted area for hair transplantation with this method because the method of transplantation makes it possible to avoid it.

Disadvantages of DHI technique

  • The doctor and the transplant staff specialize and undergo long-term medical training in this method so that they can perform this transplant.
  • DHI implantation will be more expensive compared to implantation in different methods like FUE.
  • Great accuracy and concentration is required during the DHI transplant so the transplant time may be longer.
  • Due to the fact that the medical staff has limited access to the transplanted area, this technique can cause stress which may affect how the follicles are extracted and then also how the follicles are transplanted which can cause damage while treating the hair follicles.

Transplant stages in DHI

Once we have gone through all the data of the DHI technique the really important thing is to understand who can undergo transplantation using the DHI method.

Is anyone suitable for DHI hair transplantation?

With the creation of this method by experts at Kyung-Fuk National University in Korea, other experts working in the field of hair transplants began to conduct research to gain an in-depth understanding of this new technique, as the Choi pen is considered the original implant pen.
According to the results of their studies, they identified that not all people were ideal candidates for the use of the Choi implant pen during hair transplantation.

The initial version of the DHI transplant with a Choi pen provided better results for Asian patients with hair loss compared to patients from other ethnic groups.
The experts who studied this phenomenon came to the following conclusion: Asian hair is smooth and thick hair, so curly features and thinner diameter of other breeds make it difficult to transplant and properly distribute the follicles and their location on the scalp is between 0.8-0.9 mm.
As a result, this can lead to improper flexion of the follicle, incorrect implant placement and unnecessary trauma to the follicles.
Therefore, not every patient is an ideal candidate to undergo DHI hair transplantation.
Contrary to the proposed findings, some physicians disagreed with this conclusion and argue that with increased training and experience working with the Choi implant pen, it will be possible to perform an effective implant placement with any type of hair characteristics.

With scientific and technical advances, hair restoration and restoration procedures have improved in the last decade and have reached a point where hair transplantation can now be performed using a Choi implant pen with any type of hair characteristics, thus creating a new era that produces consistency, effective, predictable, safe but most with a natural look.

We at Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic, provide hair transplant services using the DHI method, which achieves natural, high-quality and satisfying results. If you would like more information about DHI transplantation or to make a diagnosis, we are here for you, contact our Hebrew support center 054-2959959

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