Hair Washing After Transplantation

Hair Transplantation
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Hair washing after transplantation

Rinsing will help remove the scabs and speed up the healing process.
We will provide you with shampoo and lotion for the hair washing procedure.
You should start the hair washing process 3 days after the transplant and follow the instructions, once a day for 15 days.
If all the scabs fall out of the head after 15 days from the day of transplantation, there is no need to continue to use moisturizer, you can use any type of shampoo for washing your hair and when overlapping the hair with the shampoo, you can massage the head with your fingertips gently.
If scabs remain on the head after 15 days, follow the instructions for washing the hair with the cream and shampoo until all the scabs are removed and fall out completely naturally.
All scabs should disappear by 20 days at the latest.
A month after the transplant has passed the most critical stage, it is possible to return to life routine and use towels as well.
Need to scrub and wash your hair every day for a month.

First step – applying moisturizer

Moisturizer enriches the regeneration of skin cells, moisturizes the skin, and softens existing scabs.

First week:

Donor area:

In the first week of rinsing, the cream will be applied only on the donor area. (The back area of ​​the head). By applying a light swelling, full coverage of the cream should be applied to the entire donor area. Wait an hour and rinse the cream while rinsing the hair.

Second week:

Donor & Transplant Area:

In the second week, the cream will be applied to the transplanted areas as well as to donor areas. Gently cover both areas by light puffing of 7-8 drops of cream, wait an hour and then rinse during hair washing. Be sure to apply the cream with the direction of the implant to prevent damage to the follicles. If necessary, a larger amount of cream can be used in the donor area to prevent itching, burning, and dryness beyond the hair rinsing routine.

applying lotion

Second Step – Washing with medical shampoo

The special medical shampoo is used to remove the scabs and helps the healing process. An hour after applying the cream, you can start rinsing as described. You should use the included medical shampoo, create foam between your hands and spread the foam on your donor and grafted area gently without rubbing or strong movements. Leave the foam for 2-3 minutes.

applying shampoo

Step 3- Rinsing your hair

*You must  rinse the foam now* using a container such as a bowl or cup only: using a hose, or shower head is prohibited.
Also, room *temperature* water is the most recommended be used.
It is very important to rinse the shampoo very well!


Step 4 – Drying your hair

Using a towel to dry your hair in the first month after the transplant – is absolutely forbidden!
If you want to dry your hair, you can use a hair dryer that disperses cool air at a moderate distance from the head.


*These instructions are reffered to both men and women who have undergone a hair transplantation.

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