Choi - The Implanter pen

Gain more volume with DHI hair transplantation

DHI Hair transplantation is recommended for women and patients with thin hair who are looking for creating volume and density Learn more
Soft Sedation

Pain Free Hair Transplant

Needle-free Hair Transplant, Adding Soft sedation for your hair transplant will provide you with a painless Hair Transplantation. Read more
Dr. Serkan Aygin

Revolution in Hair transplantation

The stroy behind the Clinic of Dr. Serkan Read more
FUE Method

FUE Hair Transplant with Sapphire blades

A new innovative and prestigious way to undergo a Hair Transplant in our clinic Know more
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Beard Transplant

FUE Beard Transplant In Dr. Serkan Aygin clinic

The look of a beard and mustache has a significant place in the style of men. Beard transplant and mustache transplantation is the best solution for loss of hair in the beard and mustache caused by testosterone, for men who want to get a beard or mustache with an intense and permanent look. De Pinibus Bonurom and Sisero’s Mallorum have a kind of specimen book. That usually begins with: “When it comes to beard transplants, Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic is one of the most experienced and well-known clinics in Turkey.”

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DHI Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplant with Choi implant pen

Some define it as the newest method in hair transplantation, some claim that it is not familiar the technique called DHI, others claim that it is just a marketing gimmick, while few also believe that the method is FUE with an implant pen.

The debate widens as the two methods in their simplest form are revealed; Different ways to pull out the implants combined with performing different implant procedures.

The Choi method naturally has advantages as well as disadvantages over the FUE technique.

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Hair Misotherapy

How Does Misotherapy Treatment treats Hair Loss?

This treatment is used to stop hair loss, improve existing hair quality and activate new hair growth. Small doses of selected medication are applied to the skin by special needles. This is a topical treatment that affects a mixed area.

Misotherapy treatment can be applied to the scalp in certain periods. This method is preferable to other conventional medical treatments because it is a highly effective treatment with a small amount of medication that will cause less or no side effects.

Misotherapy is not a complementary medicine or an alternative medicine. This is the name of the combined treatment given by intracutaneous or subcutaneous injection. The purpose of this technique is to bring together the infected areas and the areas where the components of the medication were injected.

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Hair Transplant

FUE Method for Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is an effective and permanent solution for people suffering from male pattern baldness, also known as genetic alopecia. Apart from these, people who suffer from scars or have lost hair due to various types of hair diseases can also safely undergo hair transplant operation. Hair transplantation is a microsurgical procedure performed as part of a medical procedure in a hospital, with minimal surgical intervention unlike traditional medical procedures.

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FUE Sapphire

What is a FUE hair transplant performed with sapphire blades?

The rise in technological developments that are taking place with each passing day has paved the way for the development of new and innovative hair transplant techniques as well as hair loss treatments.

A hair transplant that has progressed and developed dramatically over the years and has become a well-established and less invasive surgical procedure, has taken its final form with the more efficient use of new medical devices.

FUE, which is considered one of the most modern and common hair transplantation techniques and ensures results with a natural look, today has also taken its success one step further through the use of special devices with sapphire blades.

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Hair Transplant using soft sedation

The sedation, which can actually be used even on infants, is one of the most advanced and important medical facilities in the field of anesthesia. This sedative is the administration of active painkillers to the body in a suitable dose based on the person’s physical condition. In this procedure the person remains conscious but his feelings are reduced. Thus, no pain is felt during injections or other medical invasions.

The presence of an anesthesiologist during the application of the soft sedation is a significant point. Because the sedative dose is determined by the doctor based on the person’s physical activity and level of pain.

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Dr. Serkan Aygin


Dr. Serkan Aygin

Dr. Serkan Eigin began his professional work in 1996 in one of the first hair transplant teams in Turkey. Dr. Serkan received his doctorate from the Faculty of Medicine at Istanbul Çapa University. He completed his internship in dermatology at Waqif Gorba Hospital. In addition to dermatology, Dr. Serkan has another degree in pharmacology. As part of his professional internship, he worked at Waqif Gorba Hospital as a specialist in a hair treatment clinic.

As one of the first hair transplant surgeons, Dr. Serkan Aygin continued to specialize in the field of hair which helped him develop techniques and innovations in hair transplants. As one of the pioneers of the field of hair transplants in Turkey, Dr. Serkan’s contribution to the international awareness of hair transplants in Turkey is enormous.

At the beginning of his career, he performed an operation using the FUT method. With the expansion of the FUE method in the world, Dr. Serkan was one of the pioneers in the use of the method, which over time became more sophisticated.

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Watch the video

Video on the steps of hair transplantation

At Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic

Hair Transplant Procedure Steps

The purpose of the video is to provide the complete view of the hair transplant process from the first session in the clinic to the post-operation rinse.

  1. First, you will come to a meeting at the clinic to design your transplant plan.
  2. We will then perform blood tests and a medical questionnaire.
  3. Your hair transplant will be performed at our hospital that has received the JCI and TUV standard marks (the most strict quality mark given to hospitals around the world)
  4. At the end of the process you will receive a guarantee certificate for the hair transplant.
  5. When you return to Israel, a representative on our behalf will contact you regarding further monitoring of the transplanted hair growth.
It's time to bring back your hair....

Hair transplantation in Turkey

In the last 2 decades, Turkey has become a pioneer when it comes to hair transplants. After years of scientific research conducted in laboratories around the world, Turkish doctors are still among the first pioneers in the field to adopt the hair transplant procedures. In particular, Dr. Serkan Aygin has been involved in the field and has been conducting hair transplant procedures since 1996.

Contact now the Hebrew Support center of Dr. Serkan Aygin’s clinic

What will be the next step after I choose your clinic to perform my hair transplant?

Firsly, contact our Hebrew support center to schedule an online diagnosis with Dr. Serkan For the online diagnosis you will be required to send to us your photos taken from the front, both sides of the head, top and back. Once, Dr. Serkan finds you suitable for the operation and decided your suggested operation plan, the support center will be in touch to arrange the following details for your trip to Turkey.

When can I get a haircut or cut my hair after a hair transplant?

After the first month, you can shorten your hair with scissors or a clipper. We recommend you to wait half a year after the operation to shave your head with a razor.

Can I cut or shave my hair before the transplant ?

Not recommended to do so before your hair transplant. The doctor will be able to get more information and assess the condition of your hair loss more accurately if you keep the hair with maximum length and unshaved. It will be only for your best. At the clinic we will also shave your hair properly before your operation.

Can you mention the benefits of FUE Hair transplantation?

  • FUE hair transplantation can result in a more natural and dense look.
  • Hair transplantation using the FUE technique provides a permanent solution for the treatment of medium to severe hair loss.
  • This is a convenient technique that is designed to ensure patients the least amount of discomfort, and will not leave external scars after the procedure.
  • FUE hair transplant technique offers patients faster recovery times; They can comfortably return to their daily routine and they can fly one day after the procedure.
  • 98% of the implants that are implanted usually grow as normal hair.
Testimonials from Patients of our clinic

Patients sharing about their experience

Mina barsoum

The operation was perfect, all the staff were professionals especial Dr sarkan also the clinic representative person at the hotel(Samir)were really s

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Antonie Brooks

Amazing place with amazing staff. They couldnt have been more helpful and professional, but also really friendly and sweet.

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Steve Maile

Amazing…completely 5 star treatment from start to finish .THANKYOU Dr Serkan & all the amazing staff & medical team .Who did an excellent job & real

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Ilan Mahdi

After my experience with DR serkan I can said trust with closing eyes clean ,professional ,patient ,they are working so hard to make their Patients ha

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