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Interested to see the progress and changes of hair transplant for some of our patients?

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Our clinic respects the medical marketing laws and regulations at all time. We are not allowed to publish any data or documented photos of our clients publicly, it is important to also know that all patients results are shared after a full consent of our clients. You will receive personally some of them to your phone or email to show how we can help you too to gain back your hair look.

What to expect after

A beard or hair transplant ?

Your new transplanted hair will start its regrowth 6-8 months after the operation. The growth will continue and be in progress for a period of 12-18 months while following the guidelines from the clinic and our support team. After 12-18 months, you can start see the results of the hair transplant and start feeling the life changing experience.

Operation results will instantly be sent to your email

Operation results will instantly be sent to your phone

Before and After Photos

You can instantly see the Before & After photos right after you fill out the form. You will receive an automatic message via phone or e-mail.